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Booster Pak (2 pack)

Booster Pak (2 pack)

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The Booster Pak is a compact and secure case designed for people who carry Rockets (CA) or Smarties (US) candies on-the-go. Say goodbye to unrolled candy packages in your bag or pocket! This product can hold four individually wrapped rolls of candy to provide convenient access to fast-acting glucose.

The Booster Pak is conveniently designed for easy storage in your pocket, gym bag, desk drawer, car, or anywhere you might need it. Its rounded corners make it comfortable to carry, and with a couple of extra spares, you'll always be prepared for the next time you need a quick carb boost. Try The Booster Pak today if you're tired of dealing with messy glucose tablet packaging.

Please note candy rolls come in different sizes, and therefore carbohydrate values may differ depending on region, product, etc. Always check your actual candy product to determine carbohydrate values.

Disclaimer: The names and trademarks of Rockets and Smarties are registered to Nestlé S.A. The Booster Pak is not affiliated with or endorsed by Nestlé S.A. The use of these names and trademarks is solely for the purpose of identifying the candy used in The Booster Pak. 

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