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eXakt - Perfectly fill your Tandem t:slim x2 insulin pump cartridge

eXakt - Perfectly fill your Tandem t:slim x2 insulin pump cartridge

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eXakt perfectly aligns the needle tip of a syringe with the fill port of a Tandem t:slim x2 insulin cartridge.  Useful for those with poor vision, dexterity issues, or simply to make the insulin cartridge refill process easier and more convenient than conventional methods. 

  • Large openings help see trapped air bubbles
  • Built in removal tool assists with popping out the old cartridge from the pump
  • Slim profile conveniently stores in a diabetic accessory bag, pocket, or drawer.


The eXakt tool is designed to work with the standard syringe included with the Tandem t:slim replacement cartridge.

  • Insert a fresh t:slim cartridge into the eXakt alignment tool.
  • Fill a syringe with insulin, being cautious not to bend the needle tip. 
  • Insert the needle-end of the syringe into the round opening of the tool, then slide into the tool until the needle tip is almost touching the white fill port.
  • Check that the needle tip is aligned with the center of the port. If the needle tip became bent during the fill process, try rotating the syringe in the tool to help re-align the tip with the port. If the needle is severely bent, the needle will not correctly align. Please remove the syringe and cartridge from the tool and refill manually.
  • Push the needle into the fill port, and follow the manufacturer's instructions to fill the cartridge.
  • Once the cartridge is filled, remove the syringe from the tool, then pop out the filled cartridge.
  • A cartridge removal tool has been thoughtfully integrated near the eXakt logo. When the pump indicates it's safe to remove the old cartridge, simply insert the flat side of the tool into the gap on the back side of the pump and gently twist to pop out the old cartridge.
  • Store your eXakt tool until it's time to change your cartridge again and continue replacing your insulin cartridge per the manufacturer's instructions.

Tandem Diabetes Care and t:slim are trademarks of Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries., and is not affiliated with Molten Creations Inc., nor does it endorse this product. © 2022 Molten Creations Inc.


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