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Why Molten Creations?

Prusa MK3S+ Print Farm at Molten Creations Inc. in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Best in class printers

Our fleet of Prusa printers offer superior print quality and are considered the industry standard for premium grade 3D printers. These machines have a solid track record of producing consistent results, and have been highly dependable. They have proven themselves a highly valued investment in our business.

Renewable energy

Our equipment's energy use is offset with the help of three solar arrays of LG solar panels. This system produces over 14 million watts (14 MWh) of clean and natural energy every year. That's enough energy to charge a Tesla Model 3 battery every week for over five years.

Natural bioplastics

We only use bioplastics derived from renewable resources like cornstarch and sugar cane. This type of plastic is naturally biodegradable, meaning less waste ends up in landfills and our precious oceans.